Beer Travel

If there is anything we love as much as we love beer and people, it's traveling. The wide range of cultures, sights, and sounds that can be found in this world are as intoxicating as many of the fermented beverages we have encountered. Of course, when we have the opportunity to combine beer and travel, we’re cheerfully content. Imagine sitting alongside a canal in Belgium, with a chalice in hand; or singing German beer drinking songs, linked arm in arm with the locals at Oktoberfest. Or, simply enjoying the view at whatever taproom or brewery you are visiting.

Over the years, we have developed a sense of the most amazing places to go, and have met some of the most travel savvy people to go with. We want you to enjoy these adventures as well, so we have put together a collection of experiences. Whether a week in Europe, or an afternoon in Maine, we believe that everyone should see new places, meet interesting people, and drink amazing beer!

If you are learning about travel and trips via our website, these are people who we think will enrich your experiences if you travel with them!

Update: 02.01.21

We will have a list of trips that are scheduled for the fall and winter of 2021 in a few days!