We’re excited to present to you a very special version of the immensely popular Heavy Riff Dear Agony. We’re honored to have been selected to do a special barrel release of this beer aged for almost a full year in a W. L. Weller bourbon barrel. We could not be more proud of this beer. Not only is it our first BA beer with Heavy Riff, it’s the first time that we’ve gotten our hands on such a rare bourbon barrel. We’re so thankful to have this wonderful brewery in our city and could not be more humbled to receive this beer at our shop. But before you hop into your car and drive over, we have some very important information to share. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BELOW! THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE CLAYTON RELEASE!

Extremely Limited Release

Yes, Weller is a very limited bourbon. Because of that, we DO NOT have a lot of this beer to go around. We expect demand to be huge but we have some ways for you to get your hands on a bottle if you really want one. We have a way to earn a guaranteed bottle and we are doing a regular bottle release.

OPTION 1 – Earn a Guaranteed Bottle

Top Beer Geeks from January 1 to Feb 15 are going to get a guaranteed bottle. During the month of January and through February 15, simply get to the top of the Beer Geek points list! In order to get your name on the exclusive list and guarantee your spot, we’re going to select the top 100 Beer Geeks in the shop. You’re welcome to come in and check your points level at any time, but please understand that in person checks are preferred. Please note that guaranteed bottles that are earned through this method are not free and must be purchased.

PRO TIPS: Ways to Earn Points Quickly

We like to make beer accessible to as many people as possible. We understand that being a “big spender” isn’t easy for everyone. So we have some special ways for you to earn more points quickly to get your way into a guaranteed bottle.

  1. Come in on Tuesday! Tuesdays are double points days.
  2. Come in on Thursday Night! Every Thursday night from 4 to 10 PM, draught pours earn 3X points.
  3. Buy a Keg! Keg purchases are a quick way to earn a ton of points quickly. Are you having a party soon? Do you work at an office? One purchase can change your fate!

OPTION 2 – Standard Bottle Release

In addition to the chance to earn a Guaranteed Bottles, we will host a standard bottle release. Please read below for full details.

Bottle Limits

We only got 1 barrel of Weller Barrel Aged Dear Agony. We expect to have a very low limit but it will be based on turnout on the release day.


Saturday February 15th at 12:00 PM


Craft Beer Cellar South City
5760 Chippewa Street
St. Louis, MO 63109


WE DO NOT EXPECT TO TAKE HOLDS! Holds are a courtesy service to our followers but due to the extremely limited nature of this beer, we expect to sell out during the release. However, if we do have extras, we will accept holds on Monday Feb 17. We will not give any alert to the time that we plan to open up holds so you’ll need to watch Twitter. Holds are limited to 1 bottle per person and they are only good for 24 hours. PLEASE don’t text in a hold request until you see our Tweet! If you text beforehand, we may not even receive the message.


If you know us, you know we try to play fair. This is our way to make a highly limited release go as fairly as possible. But we know you may have questions! So if you do, please contact us at stlouis@craftbeercellar.com any time.