THEY’RE HERE! We knew for at least 2 years that SweetWater was coming. Who knows what took so dang long but they’re FINALLY here! SweetWater, hailing from Atlanta, GA, makes some fantastic beer. Ranging from massive hops to BA Stouts and Wild Ales, these folks deserve a great welcome. Take a look at whats arrived and JOIN US for the SweetWater Launch Party this Friday! (8/20/2018)
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SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale


(via Untappd Bjron S.)

Their flagship beer. It’s a delicious light Pale Ale. Great hop character!

SweetWater Goin Costal


(via Untappd Erik B.)

Their Pineapple IPA! As the hot weather wears down for the year, this one just kicks ass.

SweetWater IPA


(via Untappd Mike S.)

Just a good ol’ IPA. Excessively dry hopped but just simple, crisp, clean. 

SweetWater Through the Brambles – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Andy C.)

Blackberry American Wild Ale! Chardonnay barrel aged.

SweetWater The Pit & The Pendulum – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd ellie s.)

Peach American Wild Ale! Yuuuummmmm

SweetWater Oud Bruin – LIMIT 1


(via Untappd Ryan A.)

Their 21st Anniversary Oud Bruin. This one is just a classic and perfect!

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