It’s been a boring beer week. And welcome to some lame weather! But the new beer train rolls on. Some might even go so far as to say “Ride On”. And so we shall, our friends, so we shall. Check out what’s arrived and hit us up for holds.

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Omnipollo Shploing!! – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Jonathan Y.)

Nice! Their milkshake IPA is back. ALL the ingredients in this one. No joke, it’s got all of this; marshmallows, graham crackers, salt and lactose sugar with mango and vanilla added.

Crane Farmhouse IPA 12oz Bottles!


(via Untappd Layne J.)

In what we see as a huge win, Crane is now bottling some of their regular beers in 12oz bottles. We LOVE this beer and we’re pumped that it’s now in an easy-to-drink size. 🙂

Crane Trailsmith


(via Untappd ryan o.)

They now have a bottle conditioned saison as well. This one drinks super nice. Light and refreshing!

Crane Raytown Common


(via Untappd Sean R.)

A hybrid lager and ale, sometimes known as a Steam Beer or Cali Common, this one is just a nice light drinker.

Stone 22nd Anniversary DIPA


(via Untappd Ian G.)

One of their highest rated DIPAs ever, the 22nd Anniversary is fantastic. Clean, crisp, and delicious, it absolutely hits that DIPA spot that many of us so need and want.

Modern Brewery Modern Man


(via Untappd Aaron R.)

BEST CAN!! Their awesome lager is finally in cans.

Odell Onolicious – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Ben S.)

Odell makes great beer. They make AMAZING sours. This one is a blend of tropical fruits in a delicious wild ale.

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