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2016-06-30 16.16.44

Stone Bastard’s Morning Brunch – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Clayton L)

Only got 6 btls of this one. We’re going to put in on the shelf and see what happens. FRIDAY!!!

Omnipollo Nautilus – LIMITED – BACK AGAIN

(via Untappd Josh A.)

This beer is SO good. We got a few cases so it’s not SUPER limited but it did go extremely quickly last time. Blueberry sour. SO GOOD!

Omnipollo Aurora

(via Untappd Zach L)

Imperial IPA from one of our favorite IPA producers. This one is contracted through Colorado and is CRAZY fresh and really really good.

2nd Shift Unicorn Killer – NO HOLDS

(via Untappd Ashley Z.)

Collab beer with 4 Hands. Yeast strain from Perennial. SUPER STL!

Stillwater Hopvine Bling

(via Untappd Scott S)

Super dry-hopped Berliner Weisse from our buds at Stillwater.

Ballast Point Barmy – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Matt G)

Juicy and light bodied, this 12% monster is dangerously easy to drink. We expect to have this one for at least 2 months.

Blackberry Farm Abbey Brune – SEASONAL

(via Untappd Carmen L)

Exactly what it sounds like. It’s a malty and light bodied Abbey style Belgian Brune. It’s extremely easy drinking in the warmer weather.

Blackberry / Evil Twin From Tennessee

(via Untappd Kevin S.)

Created in collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing, this farmhouse ale features premium German Dark malt and Czech Saaz hops that have been hickory smoked for seven days by Allan Benton (of Benton’s Country Hams).

Evil Twin Mission Gose – NOW IN CANS!

(via Untappd Michael M)

WE LOVE THIS BEER! This is an amazing Gose from Evil Twin and it’s Summertime and it’s in cans. We’re PUMPED!!

Evil Twin Food & Beer

(via Untappd Johnathan M.)

Jeppe wrote a book. And then there was a beer based on it. Get the book and try the beer. It’s an American Pale Ale with Brett. SWEET!

Schlafly Hop Trials Variety Pack

(via BSJ)

Four varieties of IPA all featuring different hops. These beers are only available in the variety pack and the pack doesn’t include any other Schlafly beers. It’s our dream pack!