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Mother’s Brewing Company Materfamilias


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One sip of Materfamilias shows why this barrel-tree stout is the head of Mother’s household. It requires the undivided attention of our brewery over the course of a year. Our imperial stout delivers intense roasted malt flavor of chocolate and dried fruit. Careful aging in bourbon, rye, brandy, and rum barrels imparts unparalleled depth of flavor and complexity of aroma.

Style: Stout – Imperial / Double
ABV: 11%

Off Color Brewing Coffee Dino S’mores – LIMIT 4


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Stout brewed with Cacao Nibs, Coffee and natural flavors.

Style: Stout – Russian Imperial
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: 40

Off Color Brewing Eille


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Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 15

Off Color Brewing Myshka


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Russian Style Serf Stout – a very low alcohol Russian Style Imperial Stout

Style: Stout – Russian Imperial
ABV: 3.5%
IBU: 25

Off Color Brewing Bare Bear


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Finnish style Sahti brewed with rye malts and juniper berries. Hops – Nugget.

Style: Sahti
ABV: 7%
IBU: 20

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Siracusa Nera – LIMIT 4


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Combining a roasty Imperial Stout with jammy Syrah wine notes, this beer is bold and complex. Notes of coffee, dark chocolate and anise from a blend of roasted malts meld with flavors of plums, cherries and stewed fruits from Syrah grape must in this jet black stout. Aged on American oak to add some light toasty vanilla to the mix.

Style: Stout – Imperial / Double
ABV: 10%
IBU: 60
Price: $4.49 / $15.69

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery American Beauty


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In 2013, we released American Beauty, a collaboration with the Grateful Dead. Dogfish Head and the Grateful Dead both built their followings by connecting directly with their fans, so we asked those loyal fans to help drive the beer’s recipe. After more than 1,500 ingredient suggestions, granola came out on top! This year, American Beauty is back for an encore! Clocking in at 6.5% ABV (to mark the year the Grateful Dead was formed, 1965), this psychedelic pale ale is brewed with granola and succulent wildflower honey, and boasts malty and sweet notes of honey, toasted grain and citrus. After one taste of American Beauty, there will be nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile! Available on draft and in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles.

Style: Pale Ale – American
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 50

Central State Brewing Company Polyjuice Potion


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Brewed with our friends from Emporium Chicago, this collaborative ale is for wizards & muggles who solemnly swear they are up to no good. A sour brew concocted with plums, elderberries, and magical bits and bobbles.

Style: Sour – Ale
ABV: 7%
IBU: 18

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