SWEET!! We got another brand new Imperial Stout from our buddies over at Prairie. The Weekend is a pastry stout with Marshmallow, coconut, and cacao! Plus… THANK GOD… Rainbow Sherbet is back

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Prairie Artisan Ales Weekend


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It’s packed with coconut, cacao nibs, and a *serious* amount of MARSHMALLOW (as opposed to a “whimsical” amount of marshmallow, which we find stupid and dumb and lame and stupid). HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Style: Stout – Pastry
ABV: 13.3%

Prairie Artisan Ales Rainbow Sherbet


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Summer forward sour ale with raspberry, pineapple and orange. Do yourself a favor and toss one in the cooler on your way to the pool or river, you deserve a rainbow!

Style: Sour – Other
ABV: 5.2%
Price: $2.99 / $10.39

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