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Fwd: Event assistance

Content-Type: text/html; charset=”utf-8″ Thanks=2C Brandon&nbsp=3B 314-755-9922 ——– Original message ——– From: Kathy McClish & Date: 6/2/2016 6:07 PM (GMT-06:00) To: Brandon Nickelson & Subject: Re: Event assistance That looks perfect Brandon.&nbsp=3B Please feel free to give me a call for… Continue Reading →

Loaded Wednesday!

We are fully restocked on some limited items. Take a look! If you like what you see, please text us with any hold requests to 314-399-9339 Prairie Birthday Bomb – LIMITED Yeah, so we under-anticipated this one. We got some… Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Blues Antidotes

Some new beer just came in. Some really, really cool new beer. TEXT 314-399-9339 with your name and hold requests. Prairie Birthday Bomb! Celebrate the third anniversary of the beer that changed the game, Prairie BOMB! This celebration brew adds… Continue Reading →

Friday New Beer & New Draught

Well, HELLO, Friday! Take a look at the new stuff. Text us for any holds at 314-399-9339 (with your name). And come join us for a beer! New Beer By The Bottle Odell The Meddler – EXTREMELY LIMITED Inspired by… Continue Reading →

New Beer Wednesday

Here’s some goodness for you. Text us for hold requests. 314-399-9339 with your name. 4 Hands Passion Fruit Prussia – IT’S BACK! One of our favorites is BACK! Berliner Weiss with Passion Fruit. Excel Jenny-O’s – FROM OUR FRIENDS ERIC… Continue Reading →

Crane, Highwater, and Shiner Dropped Off Some New Stuff

Let the new beer fill your eyeballs for now…. Text us at 314-399-9339 with your name and hold requests. Crane Amber + Brett 4Ever It started with an innocent flirtation, but now it is totally serious. Amber and Brett are… Continue Reading →

Events This Week at CBC

EVERY Wed – 4PM to 7PM  CROWDSOURCED HAPPY HOUR Help us choose 2 happy hour beers! We’re offering up TWO HALF PRICE DRAUGHTS on Wednesday and we need YOU to help us choose! VOTE NOW and come see us on Wednesday…. Continue Reading →

FRIDAY!! Please Remain Calm

It’s the Freakin Weekend! And we have some NEW beer for YOU, hear?? Take a look and text any hold reqs to 314-399-9339 (include your name, yo!) Avery Raspberry Sour – IT’S BACK! – EXTREMELY LIMITED Sour ale with raspberries… Continue Reading →

Events at CBC

EVERY Wed – 4PM to 8PM  CROWDSOURCED HAPPY HOUR w NEW HOURS We’ve extended the hours for our Crowd Sourced Happy Hour! Help us choose 2 happy hour beers! We’re offering up TWO HALF PRICE DRAUGHTS on Wednesday and we need… Continue Reading →

Your weekend fuel has arrived. Text any hold requests, including your name, to 314-399-9339.   Oskar Blues Beerito Beerito (4% ABV, 21 IBUs) is a light bodied, amber Mexican lager brewed with premium German and coloRADo sourced craft malts and… Continue Reading →

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