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BELL’S HOPSLAM IS ARRIVING TODAY (Tuesday 1/14/2010)! It’s our most favorite time of year and it’s only JANUARY! So… we’ve worked up our release plan in the way that seems to work best for big exciting beer releases. Please take a moment to read through the entire release plan. There are more ways that one to get Hopslam this year at CBC!

In Store Release

We realize that Hopslam is going to hit every store about the same time. While we like to keep things fair, we also realize that there’s a certain level of convenience required for the beer-hunting game. We have decided, based on the amount of Hopslam that we’re getting, that we are going to open up in-store sales and holds starting as soon as we get it on Tuesday, January 24.

In Store Release: Tuesday January 14, 2020 ALL DAY. (PLEASE WATCH FOR THE TWEET)


YASSS!! For the first time in a few dang YEARS, we got a keg! We’ll also be tapping this up IMMEDIATELY when we get it. Come try it on tap and get some 6pks and LET’S GO.

Tapping: Right away when it arrives on January 14 2020


We are getting EXACTLY the same amount of Hopslam that we got last year. Last year our limit was set at two 6-packs per person and we ran out in mere hours. We’ll stick with this limit again this year at least until our TAPPING at 5 PM. If there is still Hopslam to go around at 5 PM on Tuesday, we will lift the limit and you may purchase as much as you’d like.

Limits: Two 6-packs per person until 5 PM.


We will accept a limited amount of holds through our blog and through text starting as soon as it arrives. Holds are strictly enforced this time around. 48 hours is the maximum and we will not be able to extend the hold. We will allow proxies to pick up the beer for you.

Holds:┬áStarting as soon as we get it. Wait for the tweet! We’ll take a limited amount of holds.