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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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We like to keep things SIMPLE! And we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for the beer geek in your life. Take a look at the super easy gifts we’ve assembled to help make your holiday shopping a… Continue Reading →

First Blog of the Week?? And it’s a Good’n!

Well HOT DOG we got some awesome stuff in today! This is our first blog this week because, we’ll be frank, it’s been a stinker of a week for beer. But today changes EVERYTHING! Many of these are in store… Continue Reading →

Alpine Pure Hoppiness Lands!

Today seems like an IPA kind of day, right?? Well our favorite annual IPA, Pure Hoppiness has arrived! Many have been waiting for this one and we got a good amount. We’re going to do holds for pure convenience though…. Continue Reading →

New Lagunitas. New Crooked Stave. Same Old Good Times.

It’s that time of year… SO many exciting beers are landing that it can be hard to keep up! Well, that’s why we’re here. We put the important beers all in one place and give you the chance to request… Continue Reading →

Hold on to Your Seats! INTENSITY is Landing!

This day… oh buddy… this day has brought us some HUGE limited releases. Yes we KNOW you all want CBS, but we haven’t gotten it yet and don’t know how we’re doing our release. So take a look at what’s… Continue Reading →

New Beer of the Week: Day 1!

There’s an old proverb… “New beer never stops” And it as many of you know, that is a very true statement. Today bring us more NEW BEER! Take a look at what’s arrived and, #ProTip, GET UP HERE! There’s some… Continue Reading →

Friday Releases!

Hiya folks! Today’s the day we release some very special beers we’ve held back for months. Sadly, we are unable to do holds. However, we’re releasing these amazing one-off beers TODAY! Bell’s Black Note Stout Perennial Abraxas Firestone Walker Velvet… Continue Reading →

4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout Packs are HERE!

FINALLY! We’ve been waiting and waiting for these to arrive. Today’s the day! We got a good amount but if you recall, these bad boys disappear QUICKLY! Best to hold one now so you don’t miss out. Check it! Want… Continue Reading →

Perennial Vermilion is BACK!

OMG!! We totally missed this one last year, but now Vermilion is BACK for 2017. Hands down one of the best Barley Wines we’ve ever had in the shop. Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 OR simply select each… Continue Reading →

Friday Brings the Rare Releases!

Well DANG!! All these new beers and so little to go around. We got 3 different limited release beers so YOU MAY PICK ONE! ONLY 1 though! Want a hold? Text us at 314-399-9339 OR simply select each beer you… Continue Reading →

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