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Craft Beer Cellar on Tour: Spencer Brewery

The Spencer Brewery is adding “Monk’s Reserve Ale,” a new Belgian-style quad to its storied line-up of American-made Trappist beers. Being America’s only Trappist brewery gives Spencer some unique advantages and some unique challenges when it comes to introducing any… Continue Reading →

International Beer in the “Drink Local” Era

Where do imported beers fit into today’s “drink local” craft beer picture? That’s the question importers are trying to answer. Artisanal Imports brings in beer from many popular European breweries you will find at Craft Beer Cellar stores across the… Continue Reading →

Brewland: An Adventure in Craft Beer Filmmaking

What started as a relatively small project has become an intensive, multi-year effort. And Michael Sills wouldn’t have it any other way. Over two years ago, Sills and his crew set out to interview three Vermont brewers that helped turn… Continue Reading →

May Style of the Month: Wheat Beers

As the days continue to get longer and warmer, the beers we drink tend to get lighter. Those of us who enjoy dark beers won’t completely shut them out during the spring and summer months, of course. But there’s something… Continue Reading →

What’s Up with Saisons?

The Craft Beer Cellar Style of the Month for April 2015 is Saison! So…what is a saison? Staff Beer Geek Mark from Belmont breaks it down for us. It’s one of the more difficult questions our staff beer geeks answer on… Continue Reading →

Craft Beer Cellar’s #CBConTour to Rushing Duck Brewing Co.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the most often mentioned (and consumed) stout is Guinness Draught. As the most famous beer out of Ireland and a defining beer of the Dry Stout style, it’s only natural. It’s also the best selling stout and… Continue Reading →

Craft Beer Cellar Certified Cicerones® Save Thanksgiving!

The Beer Geeks of Craft Beer Cellar are fond of pairing craft beer and, well, everything. From doughnuts to music, we believe a thoughtfully selected beer enriches any experience. So naturally (and with a giant hat tip to the great… Continue Reading →

Craft Beer Advent Boxes are BACK at Craft Beer Cellar!

  Last holiday season, the Craft Beer Cellar Westford crew introduced a Craft Beer Advent Box, a gift box of twenty-four individually wrapped and numbered beers, thoughtfully selected by our Staff Beer Geeks. The response was INCREDIBLE! Immediately after the announcement, phone… Continue Reading →

#CBConTour: Great American Beer Festival!

With over 700 breweries pouring more than 3,500 different beers, The Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado represents the largest collection of U.S beer ever served. If you followed #CBConTour earlier this month, you got a first-hand look at… Continue Reading →

#CBCOnTour June 2014

  If you follow Craft Beer Cellar on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed the occasional use of the ” #CBCOnTour ” hashtag . Perhaps you’ve seen CBC staffers out and about in our “Beer Geek” shirts and hoodies snapping… Continue Reading →

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