What the F*ck is a Landbier?

We asked this very question when we heard that House Lager, the latest release from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers in Framingham, MA, was a German Landbier. We were curious as to what this beer was all about but we couldn’t… Continue Reading →

Cloudy with a chance of Turbidity

A few months ago, I was at a bar and ordered an IPA. When it arrived, I picked up the glass and commented to my friend, “Look how turbid this is.” The bartender overheard my comment, and felt compelled to… Continue Reading →

Brewland: An Adventure in Craft Beer Filmmaking

What started as a relatively small project has become an intensive, multi-year effort. And Michael Sills wouldn’t have it any other way. Over two years ago, Sills and his crew set out to interview three Vermont brewers that helped turn… Continue Reading →

Meet a Beer Rep: Jack’s Abby Brewing’s Ben Warner

The secret is out on Jack’s Abby Brewing. After taking home another 2 awards from the 2014 World Beer Cup, Jack’s Abby and their luscious lagers have gained more attention than ever before. And deservedly so! Last night, we took… Continue Reading →

Beer Brothers: Brandon and Ryan Nickelson of Craft Beer Cellar Clayton

  The Gateway City is about to get beer-ier. At 10am on Saturday, May 17th, Craft Beer Cellar Clayton‘s doors will open to the public. Music will play, high-fives will be distributed freely, and fresh beer will flow from the… Continue Reading →

April 7th is Session Beer Day: A Conversation with Lew Bryson

Quick: name the best beer you had this weekend. If your answer started with “Barrel-Aged…”, you might be a beer geek. And that’s okay. At Craft Beer Cellar, we love high-gravity beers. Intentionally unbalanced, palate wrecking (literally) Double IPAs, dangerously… Continue Reading →

Q&A with Bridget Smith of 12% Imports

We’ve done a lot of Q&As with brewers on this blog, and because we have New York-based importer 12% Imports (founded in October 2008) in-house today for a tasting, we thought it’d be fun to get a little perspective from… Continue Reading →

Q&A: Slumbrew’s Caitlin Jewell

Today marks the launch of Slumbrew’s seasonal Flower Envy Saison. And with the husband-and-wife duo in store tonight from 5 to 7 pm to celebrate the release with a tasting, we had a few questions for Caitlin Jewell, Slumbrew’s co-founder… Continue Reading →

Q&A with Peak Organic Co-Founder Rob Lucente

Today Maine’s Peak Organic Brewing, in operation since 2006, is in house for a tasting from 5 to 7 pm, so in the spirit of learning more about this brewery and the peeps behind it, we decided to ask co-founder… Continue Reading →

Q&A: Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company

We’ve got Cambridge Brewing Company in the store today for a tasting, which means…you guessed it…we have a few questions for the brew man with the master plan: Mr. Will Meyers! Meyers was kind enough to entertain our questions and… Continue Reading →

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