Craft Beer Cellar Saves Thanksgiving 2015

Craft Beer Cellar Saves Thanksgiving 2015 Edition It’s our annual Thanksgiving Dinner beer pairing post! As part of our commitment to education, we are always challenging ourselves to find fun and interesting beer and food pairings. Thanksgiving Dinner is a perfect opportunity to share some our favorite beers (and beer pairings) with friends and family. So […]

Craft Beer Cellar Style of the Month December 2014: Trappist Ales

December isn’t exactly an easy time to find “moments of quiet reflection” in Craft Beer Cellar stores, but we’re proud to take some inspiration from a more reverent group for our final “Style of the Month” of the year. Trappist Ales are produced by only 10 breweries in the entire world, all certified by the International Trappist Association as upholding strict […]

Craft Beer Cellar Certified Cicerones® Save Thanksgiving!

The Beer Geeks of Craft Beer Cellar are fond of pairing craft beer and, well, everything. From doughnuts to music, we believe a thoughtfully selected beer enriches any experience. So naturally (and with a giant hat tip to the great work being done by our friends at Serious Eats in their “Ask a Cicerone” series), […]

Thank You! -Suzanne

Thank You! I found out yesterday that the Master Cicerone® Exam results are in and ready to be divulged to the seven of us brave enough to expose ourselves to the highest level of the Cicerone® Certification Program. I will have my results by noon, and we intend to update this blog accordingly. You all […]

Craft Beer Cellar “Style of the Month”

At Craft Beer Cellar, we are all about education. A post-holiday visit from Master Cicerone Neil Witte of Boulevard/Ommegang/DuvelUSA sparked February’s “#BeerSmart Academy” launch at Craft Beer Cellar Newton, and we’re excited to present a new “CBC Family-wide” initiative in March. At its core, Craft Beer Cellar’s Style of the Month program is about community and […]

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