Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I got to ride in all three this weekend. I had the privilege of flying West for a surprise birthday party for a mentor, friend, and all around incredible human. 


Everyday, we are surrounded by complete strangers, many of whom we’ll never see again, as so much of life is “in passing”. There is nothing quite like an airport, a shuttle train, and the busiest (and biggest) damn rental car facility I have ever seen, to get a true glimpse of humanity!


On the shuttle today, a woman looked at me and said, “Where’d you get that shirt?” I had on my new Hazy Juicy t-shirt; a new design created by our Social Media and Graphics whiz, Phil Cassella.


I told her about Craft Beer Cellar, our history, and that we have locations relatively close to her (she is from Kansas City). Turns out in two weeks, she is going to Columbia, MO! CBC Columbia, new customer, comin’ at ya!! 


This amazingly excited human proudly told me she was working hard on her husband to get him to try more craft beers and visit breweries. She named a dozen new breweries in KC, and her three favorite: Big Rip, Casual Animal, and Cinder Block.  She said she loves anything fruity, but lately, it’s got to be tart and dry. Her husband is just discovering Weissbiers and Wits.  She’s been drinking craft beer for four years; she said anytime she goes anywhere, she looks first to see if there is a brewery they can visit.


Our whole conversation lasted about 10 minutes. I gave her my card, thanked her for the talk, and wished her safe travels; she said the same, and thanked me for telling her about Craft Beer Cellar. I will take every chance I am gifted, to talk about what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and what the craft beer industry means to our team. I will likely never see this woman again; but, she made an impression on me. I know that there is so much work yet to be done, and so many stones still left unturned.


The retail beer business isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok. The simple truth is, we believe in what we are doing. In order to succeed, I think you must believe passionately in what you’re doing. Isn’t that another way of viewing success? To be doing something everyday that ignites a fire in your soul? Lukewarm is no good, someone said to me once. I want to be fucking engulfed, just so we’re clear!


So, thanks lady with the pink hair and a love of craft beer! Thanks for being a believer! And cheers!!


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