The Beer Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Not every beer podcast consists of two dudes in a basement tasting through the beers that they stood in line and traded for (though there is a lot of that). There are a number of really excellent interview, news, educational, and tasting podcasts that are worth giving a listen. Don’t waste your time weeding through all of the bad shows out there – give one of these nine podcasts a listen on your next morning commute.

Steal This Beer


Hosted by Augie Carton, Founder of New Jersey’s Carton Brewing, and John Holl, Senior Editor of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, Steal This Beer aims to strip all of the hype, rumors, and expectations out of the conversations about beer. Each Monday at 5PM, Augie and John, alongside producer Justin Kennedy and engineer Brian Casse sit down with a guest from the beer world ranging form Trillium’s JC Tetrault to editor of BeerAdvocate Magazine, Ben Keene. The guest brings two beers (if they’re a brewer, it can’t be their own) and John and Augie taste blind from black glasses. The goal is not to guess the beer, though they’ve often confused Pilsners for Milk Stouts, but rather discuss what they’re perceiving from the glass and pair it with a food or situation in their lives. 


The discussions are fun, free-flowing, and often dominated by Augie, who mentions his flagship Boat Beer and finds a way to include his wine knowledge in every episode, but that’s part of the charm. It often feels as though you’re a part of the conversation in Barcade, Jersey City, where the podcast is hosted from each week.

Must-Listen Episode: #144 with Joel Shelton


Beervana is the complimentary podcast to Jeff Alworth’s fantastic blog named, well, Beervana. Jeff is also the author of books such as the Beer Bible and Secrets of Master Brewers. He co-hosts the show with Professor of Economics at Oregon State University, Patrick Emerson (@beernomics on Twitter). Beervana, with episodes published roughly twice a month, covers a wide range of topics. Recent shows have been about everything from the rise of legal cannabis, to beer laws, to even an interview with Brewery Ommegang Brewmaster Phil Leinhart. Beervana is a great listen for catching up on what’s currently happening in the craft beer world.

Must-Listen Episode: #53 – ‘Glitter Beer’


Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting’s podcast is exactly what you’d expect it to be if you’ve read the long form, deep dive articles on their website. Each week, BGH publishes really thorough interviews with brewers, beer marketers, salespeople, writers and other industry folks. Michael Kiser, Bryan Roth, and Matthew Curtis are excellent interviewers, asking questions that allow you to really get to know the people they’re talking to. 

Must-Listen Episode: #185 – Taylor and Dan Suarez of Suarez Family Brewery


The Beer Temple Insiders Roundtable

Chris Quinn, founder of the incredible Chicago Bottle Shop (and now taproom) The Beer Templetook great joy from the conversations he had with folks in the industry and thought that there was an audience out there who would enjoy hearing these conversations as well. He was right! Each Thursday, from 8 – 10 PM (you can listen live here) Chris sits down with 3-4 Chicago area beer peeps to discuss relevant topics occurring in the industry. 


Are brewery taprooms going to be the end for beer bars and bottle shops? Is alcoholism a concerning issue in the beer industry? Will Zombie Dust become the post-apocalyptic currency? Chris and company make it interesting for both those who work in the industry and beer geeks alike.

Must-Listen Episode: #140 – Brought To You By Amazon


Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast


Craft Beer & Brewing has their pulse on what’s hot in the industry and that’s who they sit down with for their podcast interviews. Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates from Equilibrium Brewing, Andy Miller from Great Notion, Adriana and Henry Nguyen from Monkish, the list goes on. The magazine covers not only the industry, but homebrewing as well, and that bleeds over into the podcast. Hosts Jamie Bogner and John Holl (yes, John co-hosts two excellent pods) dig into the technical brewing details as well as marketing, the industry, dealing with #lineculture, and more.

Must-Listen Episode: #44 – Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders: A Methodical Approach to Traditional Techniques


The Beerists

Currently nearing 350 published episodes, The Beerists is one of the older podcasts on this list and one of the better tasting podcasts you’ll find. Austin, TX friends John, Grant, Anastacia, and Mike taste through five beers each week, providing excellent tasting notes, plenty of puns, and a few immature jokes, just like any bottle share you’ve ever been to. While they used to rank the beers against each other, at the end of each episode, each Beerist gives you their recommendation on whether each beer was a ‘buy’, a ‘try’, a ‘sigh’, or if it should ‘die’.

Must-Listen Episode: #329 – 6 Years


Beer Sessions Radio

New York City legendary publican Jimmy Carbone hosts Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network. At almost 450 episodes, BSR is the oldest podcast on this list. Like Beervana, Jimmy covers a ton of industry topics, from retail, to grain to glass brewing, to food pairings, and more alongside a handful of different guests each week. Jimmy is one of those guys that you can tell everyone loves and respects because of his passion and pure excitement for good beer.

Must-Listen Episode: #396 – Farm Breweries


Malt Couture

From the longest-tenured podcast to the newest, Malt Couture was launched by infamous beer blogger and social media memer Alex Kidd of dontdrinkbeer earlier in 2018. Alongside friends and comedians Stephen Loh and Michael Gabriel, Alex discusses some of the beer world’s more intricate details, such as The Lost Abbey’s Patron Sinners & Saints club, #lineculture, ceases & desists, and more. Gabriel is especially entertaining, due to his very low exposure to the craft beer world prior to joining this podcast. Each week, he becomes more and more familiar with tickers, the Pastryarchy, and secondary values one Barrel-aged Barleywine at a time.

Must-Listen Episode: Batch 6 – Yeast Mode


The Sour Hour

The Brewing Network is home to so many great beer podcasts, but if we had to highlight one, it would be The Sour Hour. Hosted by The Rare Barrel Co-Founder Jay Goodwin, The Sour Hour takes an in-depth look at the process of making sour and wild ales. Episodes are published roughly once per month, and guests include world-class brewers such as Speciation’s Mitch Ermatinger and OEC’s Ben Neidhart. If you’re a homebrewer looking to tackle these types of beers, or even a pro who wants to learn about others’ processes and techniques, this is the podcast for you!

Must-Listen Episode: Batch 6 – #71 – Ben Edmunds of Breakside Brewery

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  1. Four Brewers Show – 4 good friends talk homebrewing and pro brewing in a fun format.
    The Full Pint Podcast – Shop talk with brewers and brewery owners.
    Three B-Zine Beer Podcast – San Diego specific, but great insite.

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