Video Game Craft Beer Pairing Guide

The CBC Guide to Pairing Beer and Video Games

For avid gamers, the early fall is full of excitement. You’re still enjoying a few of the summer’s hits, and have already marked all of the holiday season game releases on your calendar. With all those games to play, and more on the way, it’s time to grab a beer and get to work!


I doubt that there’s a “wrong” beer for video games, but choosing the right beer can enhance your gaming experience by increasing immersion or reflecting a mood or theme. For example, you probably don’t want a 12% Belgian Quad while playing a dancing game, nor do you want a super sour lambic for your hours-long Fortnite stream.


Adventure/RPG Games

Whether you are recovering ancient Mayan relics in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, or exploring the wasteland in Fallout ‘76, you’ll want something hearty to keep you pressing onward. A Baltic Porter, such as the delicious Zywiec 1881, works well here, combining the nutty malt notes of an English porter with dry roastiness of a Schwarzbier or Irish Stout. It’s very complex, with lots of coffee, chocolate, and dark fruit flavors. If you want to stay on the light side, a good Scottish Export will get you through your adventure. The malt flavor here is more like toffee or butterscotch, with no roastiness or coffee hints. 


Bonus Points: If you dare to explore the darker side, many breweries now offer Imperial Stouts that feature South American-inspired chocolate and spice combinations that will bring out your inner Aztec warrior!


Sport/Team Games

You can’t talk about sports games without talking about FIFA ’19. This year’s version promises even more precise control and accuracy, which means you need to be laser focused. Speaking of lasers, Dark Samus is one of the roster additions to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, one of the fastest-paced fighting games of the season. These games are best enjoyed on the couch alongside friends, and with a refreshing, crisp beer in hand. Consider a grabbing snappy Pilsner (Notch Session Pils is one of my go-tos) or Pale Ale, with just enough hop character to pique our interest, but balanced enough to let you focus on that sweet, sweet victory.


Bonus Points: Pale Lagers are made in just about every country in the world, so seek one out from the home of your favorite football club!


Action/FPS Games

It doesn’t matter if you’re on team Call Of Duty or team Battlefield, your objective is the same; defeat the enemy and have fun doing it! The bright, clean hops of an IPA will keep your palate on alert and ready for the next wave. The current trend of a soft body and citrusy flavor is perfect for prolonged sipping and Proclamation Ale Company makes an excellent one in ‘Tendril’. Just be sure to keep the next one within reach, lest you have to risk running to the fridge mid-match!


Bonus Points: Having trouble getting your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Fortnite? Make your own with this recipe!



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