Beer Review: Harpoon Rec. League

Harpoon Brewery Rec. League Hazy Pale Ale Pour

Harpoon Brewery | Boston, MA & Windsor, VT
Style: Hazy Pale Ale
ABV: 3.8% 
Availability: Limited

I’m disappointed…


No, not by this beer, but by the fact that I’m just now discovering such a refreshingly drinkable, yet full of flavor Summer crusher so late in August! Sea salt, buckwheat, and chia are all ingredients listed on Harpoon’s website, but modern hops are the star here. The aroma is all in the realm of Citra/Mosaic/Galaxy or some combination of. Too often I am turned off by the lack of drinkability in New England IPAs. Their extreme hopping rates can often come across over-oily and the alcohol is fatiguing. This? This right here?! This takes everything I love about the overripe citrus and tropical smoothie hop character of NEIPA and shrinks it down to a fluffy 3.8% body. This will be my new go-to as we battle the last stretch of 90+ degree weather here in Boston. I cannot recommend enough that you do the same.


Harpoon Brewery Rec. League Hazy Pale Ale2

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