Sixpoint July App Release

Tasting Three Sixpoint App-Only Beers

It has been almost a year since Sixpoint launched their mobile app. Their Red Hook, Brooklyn brewery had been closed to the public for years, but on September 30th, 2017, the gates of their courtyard opened for their first small-batch, app-only can release. Each month since, Sixpoint has released limited amounts of beers like Gin Barrel-Aged Juniper Jammer, a variant of their year-round Gose, and Fruit Smoothie, a New England IPA with strawberries, milk sugar, and vanilla.

The app makes getting your hands on these releases extremely easy. Each month, a date is selected for can sales to take place directly on the app and drinkers can purchase the beer from anywhere. A few days after sales conclude, Sixpoint throws a release party at their brewery and those who purchased on the app can pick up their cans without standing in line.


The generous folks at Sixpoint sent us a box full of their July releases, and we were excited to give them a shot!


Sixpoint Stun Gun - Sour IPA


Stun Gun
Sour IPA with Mango & Pineapple Purée, hopped with Mosaic & Idaho 7
6.0% ABV
07/19/2018 “U R Stunning”

Sour IPA (think NEIPA meets Kettle Sour) has seen some time in the limelight this year, due in large part to Hudson Valley Brewery’s highly regarded iterations like Ultrasphere, a 6.0% Sour IPA with milk sugar, raspberries and vanilla beans, hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Mosiac dust. We’re all for Sixpoint, located just 70 miles south of HVB, offering up their take on the ‘style’.

Stun Gun pours an opaque deep golden color with dull orange tinges. Lots of off-white fluffy head sat on the top of the glass, but dissipated quickly. We picked up aromas of peach nectar, lemon candy, fresh-squeezed pineapple juice, and a yogurt-like lactic character (the can lists a pH of 3.5). Orange pith, lemon, pleasant floral hop character. It all washes off the palate with a refreshing snappiness. Simple lemony acidity is restrained and there’s a prickly carbonation present that lifts the already light body even further. This is a beer you float around the pool with – assuming you have an inflatable cooler nearby. It goes down quick!


Sixpoint Spritzer Bomb: White New England IPA with Grape Juice


Spritzer Bomb: White
Collaboration with Sloop Brewing
New England IPA with White Grape Juice, hopped with Citra, Enigma, and Vic Secret
7.7% ABV
07/19/2018 “X-Ray Neigh”

For this New England IPA with Grape Juice, Sixpoint collaborated with Elizaville, NY’s Sloop Brewing. Sloop is pretty widely known for their NEIPA dubbed ‘Juice Bomb’, and all of the single-hopped variations that it takes on such as ‘Mosaic Bomb’, ‘Galaxy Bomb’, etc. The idea behind the collaboration was to marry Juice Bomb’s three varietal hop profile to three complimentary grape juices.

In the glass, Spritzer Bomb: White looks juice like pineapple juice – completely opaque with a brilliant orange hue. A finger of bone white head forms an almost meringue-like surface that clings to the edges of my glass. I pick up a huge pungent hop character that lives in the sweet spot between dank, tropical fruit, and cat pee. The grape juice shows up on the palate, livening up the onslaught of Southern Hemisphere hops. Full-bodied and velvety on the tongue, Spritzer Bomb’s finish doesn’t quit.


Sixpoint Spritzer Grisette


Dry-Hopped Semi-Sour Grisette with Sauvignon Blanc Grape Juice, hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Hallertau Blanc, and Citra
5.1% ABV
07/19/2018 “Pinky Up”

Spritzer is straw gold in color with a fluffy white head that sticks around for awhile. Active carbonation lives up to the name. The aroma is soft and reminiscent of a Belgian Farmhouse Ale – clove, bubble gum, white grape. The flavors here follow the nose, clove and bubble gum take the lead, with some pleasant green apple, lemon, orange pith, and grape character following behind. Light and ethereal, with a lively carbonation, this beer drinks as advertised. Pair it with hors d’oeuvre or a salad with a light, vinegar-based dressing. Anything too heavy will easily overpower this delicate offering.

The Mad Scientists at Sixpoint are formulating some really delicious beers for these mobile app releases. After getting a chance to taste a few offerings, we’re hope that some of these beers will make a return and see some distribution. Either way, if you live near Brooklyn, the app makes these beers super easy to obtain. Give the next mobile release a shot, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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