A Love Letter to Double IPA

Coming from a country where lagers are the rule of the land, it was hard for me to enjoy anything else other than a good Cusquena (Peruvian Lager) —to the point of steering away from IPAs, as I thought they were too bitter. But after getting my palate used to beers such as Harpoon IPA, Lagunitas IPA, and Boulder Mojo, I realized that I really enjoyed hops.

As time went by I discovered a new love for Double and Triple IPAs (especially if they are hazy & juicy!) that tend to be sweeter since brewers will not only add tons of hops, but will also balance the hops by adding more malt to get to a higher ABV.

Just like any Peruvian, I like complex flavors, and the tropical fruitiness combined with the bitterness in these styles of beer is simply delicioso! Also, in all honesty, the bold taste and high alcohol mean that 1 or 2 beers will satisfy me for an evening, and I won’t go broke.

Why are Imperial IPAs better? Well … because they have a perfect balance of hops and malt, sweet & bitter, Hot n Cold (like Katy Perry’s song). Not to mention they tend to have the coolest names & labels, making you feel “hoppier” at the first glass.  😀 
 Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn Double IPA

If you are intrigued by my love letter to IPA, I would recommend trying one of my all time favorites: Pipeworks Brewing’s “Ninja vs. Unicorn”. At 8% ABV, this beer boasts a beautiful, hazy pineapple-juice color, with the aromas and flavors of grapefruit and orange. A medium body is balanced with a nice amount of kick from the hops and a sweet finish. A must try for sure!

Another must try, from Decadent Ales, is “Double Toasted Marshmallow”. This 9.5% ABV Double “Milkshake” IPA that is a perfect example of what a lovely thing it can be to have a sweet and hoppy beer, combined into one glass. The Madagascar vanilla beans, and variety of sugars, make it very smooth and enticing, and the citrus from the hops makes it extremely appealing, aromatically.  

There’s tons of Double and Triple IPAs to try out there, so go get wild!

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