Craft Wine Cellar?

Craft Beer Cellar is all about hospitality, education, and ultimately beer, but what happens when you want to expand your beverage horizons? We’re here for you! Aroma, taste, and ultimately flavor helped steer us create this guide to wine for Beer Geeks!

Love the smooth, buttery, crisp taste of a Czech Premium Pale Lager/Czech Pilsner? Try the buttery, oak-y, and crisp flavors Chardonnay!

Fan of the crisp, bready flavors of a Helles? Try a biscuity and lemon forward Champagne.

Gose with its tart, refreshing, fruitiness is similar to the flavors found in a dry, high-acid Reisling.

Citrus, tropical fruit, and even a hint of cattiness are found in the increasingly popular, New- England-Style IPA, and also found in a nice Sauvignon Blanc, especially those from Marlborough, NZ!

Big, bold, oak-forward more your thing? Instead of a Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, try out a rich Cabernet Sauvignon!

Fan of funk? You’re into the fruity Brett character… must try a natural wine. The unfiltered, additive-free processes, and use of natural yeasts can give you flavors reminiscent of wild or brett beers.

Not only do the worlds of beer and wine share commonalities in regards to flavor and aroma, but more frequently we’re seeing the lines of producing these two products blur. Crooked Stave has a Rosé Sour beer in a can, Trillium’s Dialed In series of New England IPAs are brewed with Grape Must, and Tired Hands just recently released a series of what they’re calling ‘boundary-pushing co-fermentations’, experimenting with blending fruit and malt-derived sugars to achieve a final product that is difficult to define through classic style lenses of beer, wine, or even cider.


At the end of the day, we’re seeking enjoyable aroma and flavor experiences and it’s becoming more evident that beer and wine may have more in common than was once thought.

We hope this guide will incite experimentation across both beverages. Whether you’re a self-identified beer-person or wine-person, there are exciting flavors ahead!

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