Two Roads Brewing Talks Tanker Truck Sours and Souring in a Tanker Truck (Literally)

In 2017 we faced a unique problem – we had developed a prototype of a beer we loved, but fears about lactic bacteria contaminating the main brewery were keeping us from brewing the beer on a large scale. Master Brewer Phil Markowski’s solution? Purchase and repurpose a 10-year-old dairy tanker truck. And just like that the Tanker Truck Sour Series was born. Our Passion Fruit Gose rolled out in March, followed by Persian Lime Gose for those hot summer months.

After a tremendous response from Two Roads fans, we were thrilled to announce that we’ll would be distributing two of our Tanker Truck Sour Series beers year-round: Passion Fruit and Persian Lime. These two fruited goses were the standout favorites among our customers this past year.

Each of these beers in the series are made with juice from a local craft juicery based in New Haven, CT. In September we released a gose with Italian plums and in December 2017 we released one with clementine. The Clementine Gose sold very well despite the very chilly December and January temperatures we experienced! Goses are great all year, not just in the dog days of summer.

“What’s exciting about this line of sour beers is that they not only appeal to traditional sour beer fans but also to wine drinkers and other non-craft drinkers who like the nuanced fruit flavors along with the pleasant tartness,” said Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Clem Pellani. “We found this to be the case in our brewery tasting room as well as in the market.”

As for the truck, we of course have decorated it with branding (it makes a great photo backdrop!) and many will recognize it from the cans and packaging that feature the truck. We love making these goses so much that we installed a second tanker truck earlier this year. Another tanker truck means more sours!

Now that we’ve released two of our Tanker Truck Sour beers year-round, what’s in store for them in 2018? We are super excited to announce that every few months, a rotating beer will be added on a limited basis to be distributed in cans and in draft wherever Two Roads beers are sold (like Craft Beer Cellar haha). The one coming out in mid-April marries the beer and wine world together in a really interesting way. We’ll be coming out with a Gose made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes! Like white wine? Well, you’ll get the acidity, mineral character and honeydew melon flavor you expect in a Sauvignon Blanc…but with more tartness and saltiness you have come to expect from our gose line. We can’t wait.

We hope you will come down and see us at our brewery in Stratford, CT sometime soon. We are located conveniently off i95 and are open every day!

Emily Sauter
Two Roads Brewing
Social Media/Communications Manager


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