All In The Name Of Beer Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day Beer Geeks! We couldn’t think of a better day to share something with you that we’ve put countless hours, care, and consideration into.

On November 10th of 2017, we turned 7 years old. (What?!?) From heads peeking in the door of 51 Leonard Street in Belmont, MA asking, “What is Craft Beer?”, to now rockin’ 33 stores in 15 states with six more in planning, this has been one humbling journey.

When we first opened our doors in 2010, we created an identity that suited us and our industry. One that was loud, bold, larger-than-life, and attention seeking. We were very focused on making ourselves known and enticing beer drinkers to explore a world of craft beer. That world is very different from the one we find ourselves in today, and we felt that it was time to reflect.

We sat down with the incredible folks at Be Good Branding and Magnifico Design to take a deep dive into the industry and ourselves. What were our core values? Where do we fit in this incredible world of Craft Beer? How were we viewed by our customers? What we found was both eye-opening and empowering:



A welcoming nature.

The ability to surprise our customers time and time again.

Fun, and most importantly…

Beer Love.

These are the key pillars that provide the structure for who we are at Craft Beer Cellar, and the elements that we wanted to shine through to the world. So on this Valentine’s Day, we are excited to show our Beer Love through the launch of our new branding!

So what’s new? Well, for starters, we have a gorgeous new logo and website! You can also expect many exciting projects to surface throughout 2018, including an increased focus on education, revamping of this blog with more stories and content, continued engagement with all of you on social media, and of course, pushing boundaries of what a beer retailer can, and should, be.

This is not, by any means, a departure from who we’ve been in the past. We’re more focused than ever on amazing Beer, Hospitality, and Education. There has been no better time than now to be a lover of great beer. We hope you’re just as excited as us to see what’s next.

Beer Love,

Kate Baker & Suzanne Schalow

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