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Craft Beer Cellar’s Beer of the Month Program

The choices available to craft beer seekers are endless, and growing by the day. It’s a nice problem to have, but it can be hard to decide.

So, let us help you with Craft Beer Cellar‘s Beer of the Month program!

beer of the month craft beer cellar nashua new hampshire
CBC Nashua owner Brian Kervick puts together a Beer of the Month package in one of our 6-pack display holders.

Every month, the Beer Geeks at all 33 Craft Beer Cellar stores select beers across a wide array of styles, neatly presented and ready for you to pick up and take home. Many of our stores also deliver, within a certain radius.

Selections will often reflect seasonality, though one of the great things about this program is you will be surprised with different styles from one month to the next. Where you find a dopplebock one month, you might get a witbier the next.

Beer of the Month is generally available in two different packages: the Full Sampler (12 different 12-ounce bottles or cans, and three different large format bottles), and the Half Sampler (six different 12-ounce bottles or cans, and two different large format bottles). You can sign up for one month, a year, or anything in between. You can pay for the full subscription upfront, or we can set up recurring billing plan so that the beer just shows up. We will do whatever is best for you.

Beer of the Month also helps highlight our Style of the Month program, where we focus on a different style each month. With that said, we’re happy to customize your Beer of the Month. Do you prefer a particular style? Don’t want a certain type of beer? No problem, just let us know!

We do the work for you – what could be better than that?

Email or call your local Craft Beer Cellar today to sign up.

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