Let’s Talk About Pumpkin Beer

In July. Ugh.

It’s unfortunate that we have to have this discussion right now. Summer has just broken in New England, and while the heat and humidity aren’t exactly conducive for enjoying multiple beers on the patio [raise your hand if you’ve stuck your head in the freezer at least once already this season], it sure beats the alternative:

So we’re not complaining.

This, on the other hand, is really, really frustrating:

Just look at that grin. It's practically obscene.
Just look at that grin. It’s practically obscene.

First, a plea: If you’re frustrated by the fact that pumpkin beer has landed on the shelves at your local retailer already (or will be very shortly), be considerate in how you voice your opinion. When we held off on selling pumpkin/fall seasonal beer before September 1st last year at our Belmont and Winchester locations, we learned A LOT about the nature of “Seasonal Creep” (the preferred industry term for the phenomenon of seeing orange beer in July). Multibillion-dollar market forces (can) drive brewers (and distributors, and retailers) of all sizes to buy/sell beer “early.” It’s frustrating as heck, but to some degree we are all complicit in it. Thus, a proposal:

Be civil. Brewers, distributors, retailers, bar owners, and consumers that make, sell, buy, and drink pumpkin beer in THE BLAZING HEAT OF SUMMER aren’t bad people.

Don’t judge, please. We’re going to file this one under “Craft Beer Cellar does what Craft Beer Cellar does.” To each their own.

Ask questions. What can we help clarify?

Vote with your dollars. About pumpkin beer or anything else. Consumers yield TREMENDOUS power and influence. Exercise it.

On that note, we at Craft Beer Cellar are proud to say that, once again, no pumpkin or fall seasonal beer will hit our shelves before September 1st. This is a decision that we do not make lightly, and we appreciate the input and support from our brewer, distributor, store owner, and customer partners in making it. In the interest of full disclosure, we may buy some particularly sought after or “top staff pick” beers when they become available, so that we can offer them to our customers in September. If we do, they’ll go to the back room, basement, and off-the-floor coolers. But/So, if you’re jonesing for a particular pumpkin beer a little early, feel free to ask and we’ll help the best we can.

Oh, and there will be parties. Oh yes, there will be parties.

Enjoy this GOURDgeous day. [Cricket ;)]


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