Cellar News: Goodbye and Hello

Anne Vickman
Here I am, enjoying a delicious CBC² Hoppy Hefe at Cambridge Brewing Company (with terrible posture).

Well beer geeks, it’s time for a goodbye and a hello.

As Craft Beer Cellar’s Virtual Frolicking, Social Chemistry, and Brand Hype Manager for the last year, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work and interact with the craft beer community in and around Boston, New England, and beyond. Between blogging, tweeting, beer festing, taste testing, Instagramming, poring over Randy Moser’s Tasting Beer, running 5Ks, and making sure that the delivery day beertography lands in our feeds on a regular basis (among other things), I’ve learned more than I can possibly share in a single blog post. But one thing is certain: I have had an absolute blast.

I’d like to thank everyone I’ve had the opportunity to meet, email, interview, tweet at, talk to, and share beer with. That includes but isn’t limited to the awesome customers, brewers, distributors, bloggers, beer nerds, and writers that make up our local craft beer community.

And of course, it goes without saying, the staff and family that is Craft Beer Cellar. I’m lucky to have worked so closely with Kate and Suzanne, to experience what it’s like to work with people who have such an inspiring passion for what they do. And our other staffers are no exception: I’ll miss working with the most awesomesauce beer (and wine) geeks in all the land! So thanks to all of you for the incomparable raditude. I can safely say that craft beer people are the very best people of all.

Even though I’m moving on from Craft Beer Cellar, I know I’ll continue to nerd out on beer no matter where I am — in this case, Brooklyn, New York. So if anyone finds themselves in the city and wants to share a pint, by all means let me know; I’m on the Twitter machine @AnneVickman.

And with that I’d like to introduce and welcome our new social media guru, Lee Movic. This guy is gonna kick things into high gear around here in the best possible way…so stay tuned for Part II: The Hello.

Cheers, everyone!


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