Behind the Scenes at Sixpoint Brewery

On a side street in the midst of Brooklyn’s industrial Red Hook neighborhood, amidst empty lots rimmed with razor wire, red brick buildings, and local pubs lies Sixpoint Brewery. Founded in 2004 by Shane Welch, the brewery produces 5,000 barrels per year. A second facility in Wilkes-Barre, PA produces the remaining annual output. Welch was a homebrewer in college; he lived in a co-op and frequently made beer for parties. After deciding not to stick to his original plan of studying law, Welch traveled around the world to learn about different brewing techniques before returning to the U.S. and moving to Brooklyn to open Sixpoint. While public tours aren’t currently offered due to size and staff restrictions (it’s a pretty small space and easy to see how squeezing in a tour group would be tricky), we were lucky enough to get a peek inside.

Don’t be fooled by the unfussy entrance! There’s magic inside.


This (super sweet) keggerator holds some of the Mad Scientist series: a Gose, a Rye, and an Irish Red.


Brewer Heather McReynolds (note those Pink Boots!) and Sales Manager Andrew McLeod brew a special beer for some of McLeod’s friends who recently became Red Sox season ticket holders. McLeod, who grew up outside of Boston, named the brew “Saison Tickets.”


A view of the conditioning tanks, taken from right next to the mash and lauter tuns.


The upstairs office and kitchen is beautiful: many of the wood pieces up here were made by Welch’s father.


Fancy a meeting? We certainly would…this corner bench, table, and wet bar are to die for…not to mention the natural light that comes from the rooftop doors on the left.


Beautiful! Who wouldn’t want one of these in their kitchen?!


And, of course, the beer! We tried the Gose mentioned earlier, which was really well balanced and the perfect refresher on a hot summer day, this Gruet, which normally isn’t our jam. But this concoction with mugowort, yarrow, and heather tips was great. We also tried an Oyster Stout, made with oyster shells from The John Dory Oyster Bar in Manhattan. We’d also like to point out that those oyster shells are transported in a cab, thanks to the lovely Kristen Ridenour, who was the Sixpoint Community Ambassador/sales rep who gave us a tour.

A big thank you to everyone at Sixpoint for letting us have a gander at what goes on inside and for the delicious brews.

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