American Craft Beer Fest Redux

Whoa, what a line! This went around the Seaport Building and back down the street…

This year’s American Craft Beer Fest was bigger, better, and hotter (literally) than ever. Between new and tried-and-true local and national brewers, there was no shortage of amazing beer to try.

It was pretty toasty outside (about 91), and we were very grateful that the fest folks opened the doors 10 minutes early to start letting everyone in. And what a relief it was to step inside the air-conditioned Seaport World Trade Center to no shortage of amazing beer. This year we attempted to only try brews that were new to us (with a few exceptions).

Our highlights included Trillium Brewing (loved the Bug Valley Wild Ale and Lineage Rye), Tree House Brewing Co. (everything was amazing!), Oxbow Brewing Co. (the Loretta Saison tasted like Pretty Things Jack D’Or’s long-lost brother, and the Farmhouse Pale Ale was tangy and delicious), Bog Iron Brewing (their Belgian and Burley Blonde Ales were standouts), and Nectar Ales (the Black Xantus American Imperial Stout was impressive).

After visits to Avery for Odio Equum, Boston Beer Works for the Barrel Aged Oud Bruin, and Throwback Brewery for Spicy Bohemian, we were able to make it to Mystic Brewery, Brewmaster Jack, Franklin’s, Lagunitas, Pretty Things, NoDa, Notch, Post Road Tavern, and Spring House Brewing Co. before calling it a day.

There were definitely a few breweries we’re bummed we didn’t make it to (like Amherst Brewing Co., DC Brau, Southampton Publick House, and a few more), but we also really wanted to be able to walk out on our own two legs afterward. But you know what they say…there’s always next year.

Post-fest, we realized how lucky we are to be able to take part in this fest every year, in no small part because it’s in our own backyard. People travel from all over the country and beyond to attend, and we’re lucky enough to actually live in the same city. So we’d be remiss not to thank Beer Advocate and their gangster squad of awesome volunteers who help make this event one of the best there is.

What were your top three? Or five? Or ten?! Anything you’d like to change for next year’s fest? Tell us in the comments!

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