Cellar News: Domain Names and Interwebstuffs!

Our updated Belmont, aka “The Mothership,” store logo.

Happy Friday, friends!

We have some pretty exciting news. Exciting for us, in any case. For several years now, we’ve been doing our best to get our hands on the craftbeercellar.com domain name. For several years, we weren’t able to.

Basically, this is why we launched the craftbeercellar.com domain. It started off as joke . we thought it was funny and still do. But in realizing that craftbeercellar.com isn’t exactly an intuitive guess when trying to find Craft Beer Cellar’s website, and appreciating constructive criticism in the potential perceived negativity behind the name, we wanted to do our best to eventually shift everything over to craftbeercellar.com as soon as possible.

This isn’t a change that will affect anyone who visits our website…hopefully you won’t even notice! But this does mean we’ll be rejiggering some of our social media channels, and want to make sure you understand what the deal is:

  • Our @NoCrapBeer twitter handle will automatically switch to @CraftBeerCellar as of June 1. No Crap Beer has always been our umbrella channel for all our store locations, which focuses on national and international beer news, information, education, and more. So those that follow us there will still see our feed, but under @CraftBeerCellar instead. And if you don’t follow us yet, well, what’s up with that?!
  • The No Crap Beer Facebook page will go away. The content won’t though, and will move to our Craft Beer Cellar Facebook page. Again, this will be our umbrella page that represents all Craft Beer Cellar locations and focuses on news, trends, and education.
  • We have created a Craft Beer Cellar Belmont page, which is where all the current Craft Beer Cellar facebook content will go . anything related to the Belmont store (including our delivery day updates) will now live on this page. So help us out by liking the page! Our current Twitter handle for the Belmont store, @CBC_Belmont will stay the same.
  • Don’t forget to check out our Craft Beer Cellar New England Annex page and Twitter feed (@CBC_NEAnnex) if you’re interested in keeping up with our Winchester store!

We realize the shift is potentially confusing and/or frustrating, but we’re right there with you! But this reorganization makes more sense for our little beer store, which just keeps gettin’ bigger! Any questions? Hit us up in the comments!

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