Meet the Staff: Beer Geek Pham!

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Pham Mesina Mamaradlo.


Where are you from?
Manila, Philippines.

What do you do at Craft Beer Cellar?
First Impressionist and all things inventory.

What you did before you were a CBC Beer Geek:
I worked at Cambridge Common. Started out as a hostess. Then became a server. Finally became a manager. And I was at Harvard School of Public Health for a little bit.

The Beer That Started It All:
It had to be Magic Hat Circus Boy. Before that, I didn’t know beer could taste good. I grew up thinking that your only choices for beer were Budweiser, Miller Light, or Coors Light.

The best thing about working at CBC is:
The people…from my co-workers to the folks who come in for a fabulous beer experience. The environment here is very laid back and friendly.

When I’m not at CBC, you’re likely to find me:
At home sleeping.

A fun fact most people don’t know about me is:
I own about 100 pairs of shoes…some I haven’t even worn.
[Ed note: Pham also told us she has another fun fact, which is that she has Trypophobia. After five minutes of pop quizzing, we learned that coral reefs, sponges, honeycombs, lotus seed pods, and a jar full of beer caps make her skin crawl. But a bowl of cheerios, a cheetah, and bike tires? Not so much.]


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