Brew Review: Brooklyn Brewery/Amarcord Ama Bionda

Ama BiondaAma Bionda was created by Brooklyn Brewery‘s Garrett Oliver and brewed by Amarcord Brewery in Apecchio, Italy. It’s made with Sicilian orange blossom honey and three types of hops. We dig the Art Nouveau-style label and the elegant lines of the 12 oz bottle.

This brew pours a sunny golden orange color with a faint haze and a foamy head that dissipates at a reasonable rate . that is, not too fast and not too slow.

Despite being a Belgian Pale Ale, the aroma reminded us of a German wheat: there’s a distinct banana and spicy yeast scent along with grains and a distinct mineral quality that could come from the ancient Roman spring water they use.

The mouthfeel is light and the carbonation is boss: it’s medium to high, and creates an effervescence on the tongue that reveals a sweetness at the start, then moves on to a bready backbone and subtle hop character before finishing with a grassy green, mineral, dry finish. Some might think it’s too carbonated, but personally we appreciate exuberant bubbling in the right type of beer.

Not surprisingly, the honey character becomes more noticeable as the brew warms up, as do the faintly citrusy hops. At 6 percent ABV, this “table” beer is meant to be paired with food. Brooklyn Brewery suggests seafood, pesto, pizza, and tomato sauces. We’re apt to agree that pairing this with something savory is a great idea. We’re stuck on eggplant parmesan or sushi and tempura. In the sunshine, if at all possible.

We have bottles of Ama Bionda on the shelf for $5.50. Have you tried it? Tell us what you think!

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