Brew Review: Berkley Coffee Porter

Berkley Coffee Porter
Photograph by Anne Vickman. All Rights Reserved.

Glenn Barboza’s nanobrewery is still young by modern standards . Berkley Beer Company launched last year, and currently has three beers in its portfolio: Berkley IPA, Golden Ale, and Coffee Porter. We decided to take the seasonal Coffee Porter for a spin, seeing as we’re (hopefully) in the dog days of winter.

.It shouldn.t be too sweet and syrupy,. Barboza was quoted as saying in a Taunton Gazette article last September. The good news is that this beer is definitely neither of those things.

This brew pours a dark, ruby brown color with good clarity and it’s initial one-inch head dissipated quickly. Its aroma is certainly that of coffee and we detected only the slightest whiff of bittersweet chocolate. There’s an undeniable sweet, malty scent, little to no hop aroma, and overall smells less roasty than we thought it would.

There’s a distinct mineral, tingling effervescence on the tongue on the front of the palate. Roasted coffee is the most prevalent flavor, followed by the club soda-like minerality. The light, bitter finish balances well with the sweeter malt backbone and it also leaves a lingering sweetness on the lips.

This beer has a medium carbonation (perhaps more than we prefer, though we did attempt to research what optimum carbonation levels are for a porter and didn’t find any reliable info, so if you know please share!), and has a thin to medium body. It’s smooth but with little to no creaminess.

Coffee is the most distinctive quality here but it’s not overwhelming. Overall, this isn’t an extremely complex beer, but we appreciate its straightforward character. With its mineral quality and light sweetness, we suggest pairing this with plain cheesecake or a buttery, soft cheese like Moses Sleeper.

We’ve got bottles of this bad boy for $6.50!

Have you tried this beer? What do you think?

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