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If you were on the interwebz yesterday, you may have caught wind of our latest efforts to open a new store in Winchester. But in case you missed it, here’s the deal.

Craft Beer Cellar has always believed in organic, grassroots growth and the idea of voting with your dollar. It’s the foundation upon which we’ve built our flagship store in Belmont, MA, and the reason we worked so hard to get you more and better access to great beer. We’ve dedicated our lives to sharing our passion about the craft beer world with you and we don’t plan on stopping in Belmont! With your help, we believe we can continue to grow better beer stores, across Massachusetts & New England.

With our Fund a CBC Effort, we ask for your financial support and for you to vote with your dollar. We only take contributions in the amount of $5 dollars, so we are looking for a few hundred people that want to see a Craft Beer Cellar in Winchester, MA that sells only New England beers. This Fund a CBC Effort is only open for three weeks, with contributions being accepted through April 2, 2013. We would be honored if you’d help us get the doors open!

Opening any new business can be costly and expensive, and while our flagship store in Belmont is doing well, we invest .97 cents from every dollar we make back into the business. By reinvesting so much we are able to continue to grow our stock, our service, and keep our prices down – something we take pride in! We’re beer geeks, after all, and it’s super important to us that we not only get you amazing beer, let you know it has arrived through various social media or email outlets, but do so at the very best price we can, with the very best hospitality and education.

We’ll apply the money from our Fund a CBC Effort towards lease deposits, remodeling, shelving, and signage. And what you’ll get for your $5 dollar vote is another amazing Craft Beer Cellar in Winchester, MA, filled with the most fantastic New England craft beers we can get our hands on – we’re actually talking with several brewers about creating CBC-exclusive brews. Rest assured we’ll fill our little Winchester store with passionate, educated beer geeks who are hospitality and customer service masters. Oh, and lest we forget to mention that we’ll put your name on one of the walls of the Cellar, for all to see!

Click here to donate.

*If we are not approved for licensing or for some other unforeseen circumstance we are not able to get our planned Winchester, MA store open by July 1, 2013, we’ll refund your $5 dollar contribution, completely.*

What do you think? Would you like to see us open shop in Winchester?

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