Meet the Staff: Beer Geek Brett

IMG_4085We have a pretty sweet team of people here at Craft Beer Cellar. And we thought it might be fun to help you get to know us better. So without further ado, meet Brett Bauer.

Brett Bauer

B Squared

What do you do at Craft Beer Cellar?
I’m a Resident Beer Geek. Helping you find the beer you want, making suggestions, small talk, and generally trying to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Where are you from?
Watertown, MA

What you do in addition to being a CBC Beer Geek?
I work in biopharmaceutical manufacturing making a treatment for Hemophilia.

The Beer That Started It All?
I know it’s not craft by the Brewers Association definition but my gateway beer was Red Hook’s ESB. I went to the University of New Hampshire which is about a 20 minute drive from the Portsmouth, NH brewery. It was my “go-to” beer in college but I really loved the excitement of trying new beer so I just kept going from there.

If You Were A Beer, You’d Be:
Tough call but I’ll go with a Witbier. I’m easy-going and aim to please, but if you shake me up I can be a little more in your face.

The best thing about working at CBC is:
The Beer Geeks (customers and employees) are all so great! Everyone is excited to talk about craft beer, it really helps keep me informed about whats going on with the craft beer scene and which beers I need to try.

When I’m Not at CBC, You’re Likely to Find Me:
Running a few miles around the Watertown/Cambridge/Boston area. Look for me at Cambridge 5K’s races this year, I got a season pass!

Fun Fact:
I’m the President of Alpha Chi Sigma’s Boston Professional Chapter. We are the co-ed fraternity where all of the members share a chemistry or scientific background. We are a new chapter in Boston but we are trying to establish ourselves in the community through positive service and outreach. Look for us volunteering at the Cambridge Science Festival!

What style of beer are you currently into?
I’m going through a Rye phase. Some notable one’s I’ve had recently are the Cambridge Brewing Co’s Rye Rye Rocco, Sixpoint’s Righteous Ale, and Boulevard Brewing’s Rye-on-Rye.

Favorite place to get a beer besides the Craft Beer Cellar?
It’s a tie between Meadhall and Cambridge Brewing Company. The Meadhall has a selection like no other and the Cambridge Brewing Company makes beer like no other. Plus, they’re close enough that I can go back and forth.

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