Beer News: Orval’s New Master Brewer is a Woman

What if THIS was your office?! Image via Wikimedia Commons.
What if THIS was your office?! Orval Abbey. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

We know we aren’t the first ones to cover this exciting news, but felt compelled to share it in case you haven’t heard. Starting this October, Anne-Françoise Pypaert will become the Master Brewer at Orval. The current Master Brewer, Jean-Marie Rock, will retire and Pypaert, who has worked at the Trappist brewery for 20 some-odd years in their lab checking production quality, will take his place.

By all accounts this is the first time a woman will be in charge of brewing at a Trappist monastery and the appointment doesn’t conflict with any of the stringent Trappist requirements that beer be brewed under the supervision of monks and within abbey walls.

We’re excited to see more and more women getting their brew on. The beer industry has long been a relatively dude-centric one and it gives us no small pleasure to see that change. Ultimately beer shouldn’t have anything to do with gender, but when it comes to gender equality within the craft beer world (and the world in general, especially when it comes to wage equality), we’re all for it.

So here’s to you, Ms. Pypaert, all you lady brewers out there (Throwback Brewery, Bluejacket Brewery, Stoudt’s, Urthel, New Belgium) who are blazing trails, and all the dude brewers, too. Ninkasi would be proud.

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