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We had the honor of being guests on Monday night’s episode of Seacoast Beverage Lab. Seacoast Beverage Lab was founded by Brian Aldrich (@seacoastbevlab), and his co-hosts are beer writers and bloggers Michael Meredith (@momeredith), Beer Nut columnist Norman Miller (@realbeernut), Carla Companion (@beerbabe) and Sean Jansen (@2beerguys).

We had a blast being on the show, and if you missed it, fret not. Simply watch below. But here are the interesting deets worth knowing:

  • We missed the first cut of Needham license applications, mainly because we weren’t able to secure a property before submitting our application. However, we remain optimistic that we’ll still be able to open shop eventually, because the city wants us there. We’re hoping for a late fall opening.
  • Everyone who works in our store is a certifiable beer geek.
  • We spend a lot of time researching new releases…scouring new labels, reading blogs, talking to people, reading Beer Pulse…and we’ll admit: it’s getting harder and harder to keep tabs on it all!
  • In reference to our social media work, everything we do is organic and comes from our hearts. We’re real people sharing things we think are interesting, and hope that you do, too.
  • was originally started as a joke. We thought it was funny…and still do. But we also appreciate constructive criticism that it can come across as negative, but that certainly was never our intention.
  • When it comes to Craft vs. Crafty, our line in the sand is about voting with your dollars, not about whether or not a beer tastes good or has adjuncts in it.
  • We’re doing our best to make a difference in our community with respect to how people buy beer. Craft beer, that is. We may not be competing on the same level as AB In-Bev or MillerCoors, but we’re comin’ for ’em, dag nabbit!
  • In addition to planning for a Needham opening, we’re also planning on opening a New England-only Craft Beer Cellar location in Winchester!

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