Welcome the Mass Brewers Guild’s Newest Member: Us.

massbrewersguildAs many of you already know, the Massachusetts Brewers Guild is a non-profit whose purpose is .promoting craft brewing and protecting the interests of craft brewers in Massachusetts.. Up until last week, the Guild, which was established in 2007, was open to all Massachusetts breweries with licenses from the federal Tax and Trade Bureau and the ABCC (you can see a list of members here). They.re the ones pushing to change the current laws that regulate brewer/distributor relationships in order to make switching distributors a viable option for brewers if necessary. They also put on some pretty sweet beer fests.

For the past two years, we.ve been checking in with the Guild to suggest a retail membership, as we feel that the retail side is a critical component to the industry that should be represented. We are committed to great, local craft beer and have always made it our mission to drum up support for the state.s beer community. So it makes sense, right? We belong in the Guild, yo!

Which is why we.re extremely happy and honored to report that our persistence paid off, and as of last Monday, we are officially the first Associate Members (Retail) of the Mass Brewers Guild.

So what does that mean? Well, we think that the best way to make craft beer better for everyone is collaboration. And getting more beer into more hands means that brewers and retailers need to work together and learn from one another. And now that we.re a part of it, we hope to be trailblazers for all the geeks out there who are working hard to keep craft beer growing and cooperative.

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