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TapHunter: the next great beer app?
TapHunter: the next great beer app?

Listen up, Untappd and Pintley users . there.s a new beer drinking app in town. Founded in San Diego, CA, TapHunter dubs itself as .The Craft Beer Finder,. and allows users to search for beers by location, brewery, or name. While the Boston segment of this app is still pretty bare bones (so far, The Publick House and Lord Hobo are the only two bars whose draft lists are loaded, but the bottle lists aren’t there yet), this app seems great for perusing beer menus and finding additional relevant info like addresses, phone numbers, and hours. Because let.s be honest: looking up three different phone numbers or sets of hours on a smartphone is time consuming if you.re on the go. And this time of year, the more our hands are jammed into our toasty warm pockets, the better.

Other features include written reviews and a simplified rating system that consists of three faces: a concerned frown (it has eyebrows), the straight-lipped .meh,. and the open-mouthed smile (you know, this guy: :D). Those who prefer to gauge their tastes on a wider scale may not find these three emoticons to be a satisfactory rating system, though.

As explained to us by Melani Gordon, TapHunter.s co-founder, companies who opt in (read: pay a monthly fee) for the service get access to TapHunter.s digital content streaming tool kit. The app updates rotating new tap and bottle selections via the company’s website or in-house inventory system and can also share the info via social media. So, essentially, when a bar or restaurant updates their list in house, the app automatically updates, too (or vice versa).

But we had to ask: What about bottle shops? Do they get any play? Gordon informed us that TapHunter is currently working with bottle shops in the app.s original market (San Diego) and will be doing the same thing for their other national locations (currently Austin, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, Orange County, Philadelphia, Portland, San Fran, San Diego, Seattle, and Vancouver). How sweet would it be if you could open up an app and see our entire inventory selection? We keep our web inventory updated on the regular, though, so don’t you worry about that.

What apps do you use for sharing your craft beer experiences? Would you use this app to find beer at nearby bottle shops? What features would you like to see?

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