Revived New Albion Ale Lands Today

Image used with permission.
Image used with permission.

As BeerPulse reported in July of last year, pioneer craft brewer Jack McAuliffe.s original New Albion Ale recipe is being revived, thanks to Samuel Adams. founder and brewer Jim Koch. .Recognized by beer experts as the original American craft beer,. says the article, .this American pale ale will be brewed true to its original recipe using the original yeast, which has been carefully preserved at the University of California since 1977..

New Albion Brewery was established in 1976 in Sonoma, CA, and sadly, had a pretty short run: it.s doors shuttered six short years later as production wasn.t turning a profit. However, McAuliffe.s brews were much-loved throughout the area (Sierra Nevada.s Ken Grossman and Mendocino.s Don Barkley both made pilgrimages there) and the brewery, widely regarded as the country.s first modern microbrewery, effectively set the stage for the craft beer movement as we know it.

.Jack was brewing craft beer when nothing was easy. Nobody made small scale brewing equipment, nobody wanted to invest, retailers and distributors didn.t want your beer, drinkers couldn.t understand why the beer didn.t taste .normal.. It was so different from today,. says Koch via e-mail. .Jack.s passion for craft beer has had a widespread influence, and has shaped the craft beer landscape. What Jack started 30 years ago inspired brewers to explore brewing full-flavored craft beers. His New Albion Ale was the original craft brew. We wanted to work with Jack to brew his recipe for the first time in almost 30 years and recognize him for his contribution to brewing..

And as you all know, we love us some craft beer. But what we really love is that all the profits made from the sale of this brew . at $8 per six pack . are going straight to Jack McAuliffe. As a thank you. And we think it.s about damn time someone thanked this guy for bringing craft beer into the spotlight in this country . we don.t think anyone can argue that dude never really got much mainstream credit for being a craft beer trailblazer. And so, Mr. McAuliffe, we too salute you. Cheers!

Naturally, excited that New Albion has landed on our shelves today. So come on down, grab a sixer and then come back and tell us what you think about it. The press release describes the beer as .a deep, golden beer brewed with American Cascade hops and a 2-row malt blend. The Cascade hops, sourced from the Pacific Northwest, create a moderate hop bitterness and lingering citrus and floral notes, balanced by the upfront cereal character and sweet finish from the malt..

Read more about Albion and Jack McAuliffe here.


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