Boom! New Craft Beer Cellar Blog AND Store!

Photograph by Lindsey Gee, via Flickr.
Photograph by Lindsey Gee, via Flickr.

Greetings, fellow Beer Geeks!

We’re (so) happy to announce that we’ve officially launched our blog. And stoked to be providing a regular source of information, education, as well as a warm, welcoming environment for all those looking to learn more about the world of craft beer. That being said, we want to know what you think, too. Any blog topics you.d like to see? Comment below.or hit us up with a Tweet, e-mail, or Facebook post.

But the good news doesn’t stop at our also thrilled to announce that we are applying for one of the first liquor licenses to be issued by the town of Needham, and are very hopeful that we can bring you another Craft Beer Cellar.

Why Needham? Why not? Is it because we like rubbing elbows with gold medal gymnasts (ahem, Aly Raisman) and are big fans of American soccer and former players like Kristine Lilly? Maybe. We also think that Needham is a fantastic New England community that has shown great interest in a store like Craft Beer Cellar. And because of its location slightly southwest of the city, we know we are spreading the to speak.and putting amazing beers into more glasses.

But the licensing aspect isn’t as easy as it may sound. First, we have to be completely charming and wonderful. How are we doing? Well, it seems to us that Needham is in an awesome position. They’ll have plenty of applications to choose from, which means they’ll be able to pick the two or three applicants that best fit the town.and we’re hoping like crazy they choose us. If they choose to move forward with our application, we’ll then have to meet all of their requirements, then pass the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission test. This entire process could take up to two months, so stay tuned and we’ll do our best to keep you informed about what’s happening over in 02492. FYI, we’re still working on a physical location, as we must choose one before we can submit our application.

Oh, and we almost forgot to introduce you to Brian Shaw. He’s the guy who will be behind Craft Beer Cellar Needham. We can’t wait for you to meet him in person, ’cause we think he’s über-cool. Shaw is a music-loving ski hound from Georgetown, MA, who studied the biz-nass of business at Bentley University. He’s a foodie and avid imbiber who appreciates artisanal beverages and craft beer, and while he’s only been tiptoeing around the craft beer world for a couple of years, he plans on being at the top of his Craft Beer Cellar and No Crap Beer boot camp class in the months to come.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop, but until then head on over to CBC Needham.s Facebook and Twitter pages and help us out with your Like and Follow love!

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