Ask the Beer Geeks: What Are You Drinking This Thanksgiving?

What drinks pair best with Thanksgiving dinner? It’s a question we’re frequently asked in our store. Thanksgiving is a tricky meal to recommend beer and wine for — not just because of the turkey, but also due to the many different sides.

So it comes down to preference: Do you want some acidity to cut through the butter in your mashed potatoes? Something fruity to go along with the cranberry sauce? Whatever the case, we can help you find the perfect pairing. Here are some of our Thanksgiving go-tos:

What Are You Drinking This Thanksgiving?

Rodenbach Alexander

Funky meets fruity in this Flanders Red ale from Rodenbach. Alexander features a pronounced acidity and dense cherry character that expertly cuts the fat from all your Thanksgiving favorites. A 5.6% ABV gives this beer just enough body to match a loaded plate or heavy dish without being overwhelming, while the use of spontaneous fermentation adds a layer of fun and funky complexity. // Buy It Online

Boulevard Brewing Company Tank 7

Saison and food have long been best buds, so it’s no surprise we’re reaching for a farmhouse ale this Thanksgiving. While there are many fantastic options to pair with your meal, we chose Tank 7 because it is a “Super” Saison with an above-average ABV of 8.5%. That added oomph does a tremendous job of standing up to the sauciest of sides and heartiest of turkeys, with a nice peppery finish to round things out. // Buy It Online

Anchor & Hope Dry Riesling

A zippy and dry white wine from Rhode Island, with a pleasant acidity and light body. This is a bit of an unusual choice, especially when considering Thanksgiving’s big, heavy sides, but hear us out. If you like to mostly nibble on the turkey and have some greens along with it…well, this is the perfect wine to have as an aperitif, with a light turkey salad. // Find It Online

Urban Artifact Trivet

Urban Artifact has always been great at balancing fruit and beer, and Trivet is no exception. This gose-style sour combines all the things we love about tart beer and adds layers of cranberry and lemon, a welcome companion to lighter sides like salad and canned cranberry sauce. A refreshing salinity and light ABV help cleanse the palate so you can go in for another bite. // Buy It Online

Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers Red Tape

This amber lager gets its name from the labyrinth of licensing it takes to open a brewery. Luckily, pairing this toasty beer with food is a much easier ask. Red Tape features malt-forward flavors of caramel, rye, and toast, all perfect pairings for the skin of a juicy turkey or hefty stuffing. A lighter body also keeps this beer from taking too much stomach space away from the important stuff, like post-meal pie. // Buy It Online

Ambriel Rosé

This is a gem of a sparkling wine, made in Sussex from hand-selected Pinot Noir. It marries the ripe red strawberry and raspberry notes of a Pinot Noir with the acidity and effervescence of Champagne. It will go perfectly with any and all traditional dishes, as well as creamy cheeses, like Camembert or triple-crème, to cured meats like Prosciutto or Jamon. You could just as easily serve this wine before the meal AND afterward with pie. // Buy it online

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