Cheers to 10 years!

To celebrate 10 years in business, CBC Belmont co-founders Suzanne and Kate selected six beers that best represent them as beer lovers, as well as their journey as business people and beer educators. All six are available as a special Anniversary tasting pack on our website!

Learn more about why each beer was chosen below:



Kate’s Picks

Zero Gravity Green State Lager
So perfect, in so many ways. A crisp, snappy German-style Pils that best represents what beer style I’m drinking at the end of most days. My palate hasn’t changed all that much in 10 years, though I’m definitely enjoying the subtleties of Lagers more than ever! I still enjoy IPAs, both traditional American and New England styles, as well as Belgians. I lean toward local, whenever possible, but when given the chance, you can find me in the countryside of Europe with the brewers, farmers, and cooks, learning directly from the source. In the next 10 years, I promise to give dark beers a chance! // Buy it online

Brugse Zot
A well-crafted Belgian Blond, brewed in the center of Bruges at a brewery Suzanne & I have visited many times. It was at the heart of our operation when we opened and is still an extremely important beer to us both! // Buy it online

Industrial Arts Wrench
Balance is key in these styles, and this one absolutely nails it! Hazy, soft & pillow-y, big citrus, stone fruit, and tropical hop notes, low bitterness, moderate alcohol. // Buy it online

Suzanne’s Picks

Chimay Première
One of the best beers in the world, this Belgian Dubbel is a world class example of everything wonderful about Belgian Trappist styles. With pronounced effervescence, notes of dark fruits, and extraordinarily charismatic Belgian yeast, with fruity and spicy notes, it’s easy to fall in love. This beer has been timeless for me, over the past 10 years and every single time I drink it, the joy rushes back over me, as if I’m encountering it for the very first time. // Buy it online

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier
A perfectly constructed German Wheat Beer, hailing from the oldest documented brewery in the world! Wheat & Barley Malt with German Ale Yeast, offers big notes of bubblegum and clove. This O.G. hazy beer is perfect alongside Edam cheese, peach cobbler, grilled chicken, shrimp scampi, and salads. Always on the shelf and in the fridge at 87 Leonard Street, and I can only imagine it will be a staple at Trinktisch! // Buy it online

Augustiner-Bräu München Edelstoff
Despite its slightly higher alcohol content than the original non-exported Helles version, this beer is the benchmark for the Munich Helles style and was one of the beers that changed the game for me. You may hear any one of us refer to these styles as “little biscuits from heaven” — that’s just our way of defining lager perfection! Clean, crisp, simple, and complex, this light lager is full of all things good in the world. // Buy it online

Thank you for humoring us, along this journey. 10 years ago, we hoped we’d be able to change your minds about beer. Today, we remain humble for your trust, friendship, and continued love & support!

— Suzanne & Kate

Beer is our middle name. We are a crew of passionate, driven, excitable and focused beer lovers & geeks. We work for and operate the busiest and flagship location for Craft Beer Cellar. Swing by for a visit soon and let's talk haze, hop profile, what the depth of Brettanomyces can add to beer, and who some of our favorite artisans are.

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