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Beer Love

Its creation is a craft; hundreds of years old and still evolving. Its creators are artisans, fusing simple ingredients to create something inspiring, eye opening, revolutionary. It's more than ABV and IBUs. It's passion, community, and craft.
Beer Love. It's why we're here.



Craft Beer Cellar 16oz Snifter


We spend our lives in search of beers made in breweries just down the street or on the other side of the world, that are well-crafted and good examples of either their style or what we think excellent beer should be.


Our customers are the reason we exist and you should expect to be treated like you are important to us! We carry boxes to cars, make great eye contact, genuinely care how your day is going. We promise that you'll always have an awesome experience at any Craft Beer Cellar.


All beer geeks in all of our stores are, at minimum, either Cicerone Certified Beer Servers or BJCP Recognized Judges, and many go on to obtain higher certifications. Rest assured that we have studied & researched every single beer in all of our stores, before we made a decision to put it on the shelf.


Love beer? Want to work for yourself? Join forces with us and open your own Craft Beer Cellar! Locations available across the country.

Running a small business is hard. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve hammered out the road map for a successful #craftbeer Bottle Shop! Join us in this journey. Open your own Craft Beer Cellar Bottle Shop, become your cities voice on beer. We help with understanding the beer market, beer education, and guidance through the start-up phase.

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