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CBC Newton
November 27 08:59AM

Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be closed today for the holiday. See you Black Friday. http://t.co/5B3hwpWjud
CBC Newton
November 26 05:51PM

DIPA and Stout lovers rejoice. #CBCDeliveryDay http://t.co/GPedFz8Zee
CBC Newton
November 26 03:43PM
Only salted sidewalk on the block? @cbc_newton the path to the beer is clear!! 🍻 Cheers!
CBC Newton
November 26 02:59PM

Meet us under the Smisltetoe ;) @smuttynosebeer #CBCDeliveryDay http://t.co/sRVUGZdZWh
CBC Newton
November 26 12:59PM

This is amaze-potates. Or should we say, sweet-potates? Yeah? @idlehandsbeer #Turkey http://t.co/X5LpvsAaOH
CBC Newton
November 26 12:22PM

Watch out where the huskies go. @RogueAles #CBCDeliveryDay #IPA http://t.co/JiDSNm6mwP
CBC Newton
November 26 09:46AM

Southern Tier C*Ration 12pk is a meal of hops. @stbcbeer #CBCDeliveryDay http://t.co/qPZxxL2sqe
CBC Newton
November 25 11:34PM
RT @brewdah: once again the folks @cbc_newton going above and beyond. Big shout out to Brian and Kenny #craftbeer #adventcalendar
CBC Newton
November 25 05:45PM

Yankee Swap is a Rum Stout this time around. @Slumbrew #CBCDeliveryDay http://t.co/cf5NP9QXS0

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