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Franchise Info

If you're a serious Beer Geek . . . [read on] . . . we'd love to talk to you!

Craft Beer Cellar™ is on a quest to continue contributing to the advancement of the small but mighty, Craft Beer Industry — an industry that has more than doubled in sales in the past 10 years! As of February 2014, there were over 3000 Craft Brewers in the United States, with another 1700 in planning! The US beer industry is a $96 billion dollar industry, with Craft Beer only making only 10% - there's enormous potential for growth in this segment of the beer world!

  • Passion for Craft Beer, Beer Education & People                                                                              
  • Desire to work for yourself
  • $15,000 Franchise Fee
  • 2% Royalties
  • $48,000 - $120,000 initial investment, including Franchise Fee (financial variable for location, size, etc.)
  • 1200 — 1800 Square Feet

We have an uber-focus on these markets, currently, but will consider any recommendation . . . 

  • New York City, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC, Southern, CA & Chicago, IL
  • New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA & Berlin, Germany!
  • Northern, CA, Milwaukeee, WI, Athens, GA, Seattle, WA & Las Vegas, NV

​We'll always consider locations in MA and New England.

We are currently looking at these areas (in New England):

Swampscott, Framingham, Burlington, South Shore, Northern NH, and Southern VT! 


Access our Application HERE

Follow these simple instructions for filling out and sumitting the Application:

1. Download or save the the form to your computer - please include your last name in the name of the document.

2. Fill out the form (be sure you are filling out the one you saved to your desktop, not the one in the popup window).

3. Ensure that your email server (whatever you use) is logged in

4. Click the "I Want a CBC" button

5. Choose your "Send Email Prompt", click Continue

6. Your email application should open and attach the PDF to the body on an email.

Once complete, you'll be able to send the form by clicking the "submit" button at the bottom of the form, but you'll want to have your email account open and logged in. Please give us a minimum of 72 hours to go over your application. We'll be in touch about the best way to proceed and get you our Federal Disclosure Document.


We have great confidence in the team of people that we worked with to make franchising Craft Beer Cellar possible. If you have questions about opening your own Craft Beer Cellar™ or the process, please feel free to contact Andy Klie at any time. 

Andy Klie

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