The Art Of The Rotating Beer Series

Guest Blog from Alex Wilking

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Is Brut IPA up Next?

The West Coast’s answer to New England IPA was first brewed in San Francisco by Social Brewing’s Kim Sturdavant in late 2017. Brut is typically a wine term, meaning ‘dry’. Sturdavant says his “3 rules for the style” were that it is super pale, very dry (Below 1 degree plato*), and hop-forward/IPA-like/balanced. He also mentioned […]

Saison Season is here!

While Farmhouse Ale has become synonymous with Saison, it is actually a category within which two styles reside:  Saison and Bière de Garde. Saison –  French for “season”–  was a beer made as a refreshment for farm workers during the warm summer months. With its origins in the French-speaking Belgian region of Wallonia, Saisons were […]

Craft Wine Cellar?

Craft Beer Cellar is all about hospitality, education, and ultimately beer, but what happens when you want to expand your beverage horizons? We’re here for you! Aroma, taste, and ultimately flavor helped steer us create this guide to wine for Beer Geeks! Love the smooth, buttery, crisp taste of a Czech Premium Pale Lager/Czech Pilsner? […]

Czech it out!

The beer style known as Pilsner has a rich history. In 1838, citizens of Plzen, Czech Republic dumped an entire season’s worth of beer due to a lack of quality. Because of this, they built a new brewery, and recruited Josef Groll, a brewer from neighboring Bavaria, to be its brewmaster. Groll was asked to […]

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