The Art Of The Rotating Beer Series

Guest Blog from Alex Wilking

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Mythbusting Oktoberfest

Busting Oktoberfest Myths Myth #1 – Oktoberfest takes place solely in the month of October. False: Oktoberfest draws its official roots from the nuptials of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in October 1810. The two-day festival was an immediate hit and became an annual tradition, gradually growing into a two-plus week extravaganza that attracts millions of […]

Beer Review: Harpoon Rec. League

Harpoon Brewery | Boston, MA & Windsor, VTStyle: Hazy Pale AleABV: 3.8% Availability: Limited I’m disappointed…   No, not by this beer, but by the fact that I’m just now discovering such a refreshingly drinkable, yet full of flavor Summer crusher so late in August! Sea salt, buckwheat, and chia are all ingredients listed on Harpoon’s […]

Hotter than Hell(es)

I recently took a long weekend to visit  my family in Hot Springs, AR. I do visit every year or so, as my mother and  siblings reside in this resort city of the south. Filled with stories of gambling, prostitution, and drinking via the speakeasy during prohibition, this city is wrapped around more than 3000 […]

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