Here’s the latest (limited) beer to hit the (unlimited) shelves:

Evil Twin Aun Mas A Jesus – Limited


On a pilgrimage for immortal craft beer we tripped on these heavenly drops of amazingly overwhelming aromas, a thick fudge-like body, pitch black color and obviously only made in limited amounts. And the taste…. even more jesus! Brewed at Companyia Cervesera del Montseny, Spain.

Evil Twin + Beavertown XXX Imperial Bitter – Limited


A new collaboration coming from Evil Twin & Beavertown. This is XXX and it is based on an 1839 British recipe. This Imperial British-style Mild Ale will come in at 9.5% abv.

Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek – Limited


Beer made with real cherries! The beer ripens during several months in original used barrels.
Lagunitas Sucks 6-PACKS
This beer is a ‘cereal medley’ of barley, rye, wheat, and oats. Full of complexishness from the 4 grains, then joyously dry-hopped for that big aroma and resinous flavor.
Omnipollo Onda – Limited
From Omnipollo: “Me and Karl reached out to Onda of STHLM Inkasso over a year ago. With beats and a rap flow like no other he had inspired us to brew a beer. Onda (5 %) is a smooth pale ale brewed with 100 % mosaic hops.”
Omnipollo Perikles – Limited
A rustic pilsner brewed with oats and unmalted wheat.
Stillwater Devil Is People – Limited
Photo credit: mybeerbuzz
A sour smoked wheat ale. This beer is a “conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship” between “Indie folk-punk legend, Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), experimental music ensemble Watter, and postmodern beer designers Stillwater Artisanal, assembled in Louisville.” This beer is part of a unique “sensory experience”.
To Ol Like Weisse – Limited
We felt like doing a beer that you could drink all day long, that would have just a bit of sourness and boatload of hops. If you ever felt likeweisse. Then this berliner weisse is just the thing.