We are LOADED UP with new and restocked beers. Take a look! Like what you see, well you should text us with your name for any hold requests at 314-399-9339

Prairie Birthday Bomb! – RESTOCKED!


We got a FINAL reload of this highly sought-after beer. Hold lines are open on this bad boy!

Ballast Point Calm Before the Storm – LIMITED SEASONAL

ERRRYONE been asking about this one. Well we FINALLY got it! If it’s anything like Victory at Sea then we should have this one in limited supply for about a month or so.

Deschutes Hop Slice – LIMITED SEASONAL

This is the first new beer we’ve seen from Deschutes in a LOOOOOOoonnnnggg time. Session IPA with lemon.. sounds awesome!

Stone Pataskala Red – LIMITED SEASONAL

Back again in limited supply, this Red IPA absolutely FLEW off the shelf last time. Deeply hoppy and well balanced with malt. So good!

Piney River Hobby Farm – LIMITED SEASONAL

Another new seasonal from our great friends at Piney River. They are kicking BUTT lately! Ale brewed w honey & basil.

Bell’s Hopsolution – SURPRISE RELOAD!

We got a LOT last time. Then it was gone. Then we got some more! Don’t wait this time.

Stiegl Goldbrau Lager – NEW YEAR-ROUND

The lager without the Grapefruit soda.. so that means… NOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN RADLERS!! So perfect for this weather.

To Øl Rød Grød Med Flød Fruit IPA – LIMITED

We LOVE To Øl! This one is a Fruit IPA brewed with Raspberry, Blackcurrent, Strawberry and Redcurrent, and is inspired by a classic Danish dessert of the same name.

To Øl Velvets Are Blue – LIMITED

Saison brewed with blueberry?? YES PLEASE!