Is your head spinning yet?? Because ours is. PHEW!! Yesterday was a monster, today is shaping up to be about the darn same. Take a look at what’s here and be ready to HHNNGGG! Part 1 of 2 has Evil Twin and Stillwater. Part 2 has Decadent, Omnipollo, and Marz!

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Evil Twin Even More JCs – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Rob F.)

SWEET!! A lactose, vanilla, coffee version of Even More Jesus! It’s a 12% and sweeeet!

Evil Twin Kolata – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Ken W.)

This one sounds very SUMMER-y. Which we couldn’t welcome more TBH. An IPA with lactose, pineapple, and coconut? Yuummmmmm…

Evil Twin Oh You Betcha


(via Untappd kevin b.)

Oh dontcha know? It’s a triple dry hopped IPA! From EVIL TWIN! Their IPA series has been absolutely destroying it lately.

Evil Twin B is for Blueberry


(via Untappd Brandon H.)

Well we all know that A is for Apricot was going to be followed by SOMETHING, right? Well now we know what it is. A Blueberry Gose!

Evil Twin Breaking the Waves


(via Untappd Iam M.)

Did you blink last time we had this one? If you did then you probably missed it. It’s another lactose IPA and it’s REALLY amazing.

Evil Twin Molotov Heavy – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd Rasmus L.)

Yep, it’s a 17.2% ABV Triple IPA in a responsibly sized 16oz can. This one is super limited so we had to toss a can limit on it. We’ve had this one in 22oz, we’ve had it on tap, now 16oz cans. It’s REALLY tasty for the ABV.

Stillwater Wavvy Batch 3


(via Untappd Dennis M.)

Another new batch of Wavvy. This one flies as well. Double IPA with ctira, simcoe, and nelson?? Nelson hops are truly amazing. You should try this beer!

Stillwater Gnam Gnam – LIMIT 2


(via Untappd B. P.)

It’s a double IPA with Mango, Lemongrass, and Chili. Sounds weird but it’s super drinkable. The heat is pretty low.

Stillwater Recess – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd MK D.)

WOW!! You’ve got to see the color of this beer in person. It’s a deep pink that just shines. This one sounds like an Omnipollo beer. Dry hopped sour with lactose and conditioned on Raspberries. Getting HUGE reviews as well.

Stillwater This is Only a Test oo1 – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Neal)

This one sounds awesome too. A double IPA with tangerine, hazy, light bodied, light bitterness. And beautiful!

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