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Six Mile Bridge The Marauder – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Brad Z.)

Six Mile Bridge was kind enough to send us some of The Marauder. This is a Woodford Reserve Rye BA Imperial Stout with Blueprint Coffee and it’s delicious. (NOTE! This is a new batch and has no relation to those with oxidization.)

Six Mile Bridge DDH Citra – LIMIT 8


(via Untappd Jason H.)

Their first run of cans has arrived! We got the Irish Red, the Hefe, and the new Double Dry Hopped Citra IPA. AMAZING can art. And an amazing beer inside.

Omnipollo Noa Pecan Mud Cake – LIMIT 8


(via Untappd Sebastien C.)

One of the most delicious and unbelievable stouts is back in our store again. Huge 11% ABV Imperial with a thick decadent pecan pie flavor. This is the one that put Omnipollo on the map.

Evil Twin Maple BA Churros Cake Break – SOLD OUT

(via Untappd Nicole)

This one is supposed to be one of the best BA beers they’ve ever created. We only got a case so we’re doing first-come-first-serve on holds. Please wait for our reply before you come by!

Stillwater Collaborations are for Lovers – LIMIT 2

  16oz Cans

(via MyBeerBuzz.com)

A new one from Stillwater and Sleeeping Giant. Get this.. it’s a 16% Imperial Stout with coffee, vanilla and…. MANGO?? Yeah. It’s getting great reviews. We only have a handful to go around.

Stillwater Whipped Raspberry IPA – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Artie J.)

Shake the can, pour it out. It’s a kettle sour Nitro IPA with lactose and raspberry. The 3rd in the set.

Stillwater Strobe Lights – LIMIT 4


(via Untappd Art S.)

Double dry hopped AIPA.

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